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.Net Web Development

At Cold Banana Studio we offer a truly digital solution to your web needs - by supporting a number of different .NET CMSs allowing us to provide the perfect solution for any objective. We build all our solutions on a CMS platform giving you, the client, full control over its marketing presence and purpose.


We are very proud to be technical experts and because of that we make sure all of our technical team is also client facing. So when we are working on your project you get to speak to the person/team that’s actually going to be building your solution. We don’t make you speak to account managers, in fact we don’t have any account managers which allows us to keep our day rate/costs low.

Typical Project Cycle

1. Ideas

2. Functional Prototyping/Wireframing – create a functioning prototype of the website/application so you, as the client, can see what you are going to get and how it’s going to work.

3. Designs – Taking the final wireframes and making them look pretty.

4. Building – This is where we take the functionality we have built into the prototypes and layer it over the designs and plug it all into a CMS.

5. BETA Product – This then leaves us with a fully working end product which we can take into production (User testing).

6. Production Line – This is where you get some real people to use it and identify any underlying issues.

7. Release – It’s Live!

8. Support & Maintain – Continue to maintain and enhance as the internet & technology continues to advance.


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