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Local Food Links  

The Client:

Local Food Links are a not-for-profit company that offer parents an alternative option to packed lunches and school meals. Operating in the West and North Dorset, delivering meals from kitchens in Bridport and Blanford, they supply to 32 schools across Bridport, Dorchester and Blandford. LFL allow parents to order hot meals that can be delivered to their child’s school for lunch. For years now they’ve been feeding school children good, healthy food.


Tech Profile:

CMS: LFL use a custom .NET platform


The Situation:

An online system which allows parents to choose what they want to order for their child and pay for their meals online. Before finding us they were struggling with issues regarding lost orders and children missing meals.


The Challenge:

LFL required help from a .NET agency to maintain their custom system and make improvements to the reliability and overall performance of their system.

An online portal was needed for parents to order school meals for their children. As a government-funded initiative, the budget for this project was limited - we needed to create a lean solution to meet their needs. The existing system wasn’t functioning properly meaning that orders were getting lost and children would miss their meals.The main issues were surrounding the payment of the meals, by rewriting the payment system so they were instantly processed rather than once a day we were able to remove the error.

The Solution:

We worked with Local Food Links to review the current system and outline all the key problems including what needed the most improvements to help the system be more reliable in the long run. By creating a targeted plan of action we were able to address the critical issues within the budget. LFL didn’t originally need us to build them anything. They already had a system in place that allows parents and schools to order food for school children. They came to Cold Banana to help maintain the current system and make improvements. Although they have thought about rebuilding the entire system with help from us.


Since releasing the newest version there have been 0 support cases or missing orders which shows the overall success of the project. In just three months we drastically improved the performance of the current system which lead to fantastic feedback from parents and improved the usage of the system altogether.

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