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Umbraco vs Wordpress

26 May 17

They’re both easy to use CMS’s, they’re both Open Source and they’re both used by thousands of businesses across the globe, so which one is the best pound for pound.


If you were looking for a definitive answer, I’m sorry to have to disappoint you. As much as I’d love to tell you that Wordpress is rubbish, it has it’s uses. The best way I could sum up the comparison between the two is with this question.


“If you had £100k, would you buy a Ferrari or a Tractor?”


Well I suppose it depends on what exactly you want to do… do you want to race a track or plough a field? Each has its own merits, just don’t try to pull a plough with a Ferrari!



With 74,652,825 sites running on Wordpress, it can’t be all bad. But why do people love Wordpress so much? The simple reason is it’s really easy to use.

Technically speaking, it’s a blogging platform, unlike Umbraco which is a purpose built CMS. With a huge catalogue of plugins and themes it’s pretty simple to hack it into a website. However the more plugins and pages you have in WP, the slower your site can run. Its core functionality just doesn’t stand up to the offerings of a dedicated CMS such as Umbraco.



SEO friendly

Huge catalogue of plugins and themes

Easy to use

Self service


It’s technically a blogging platform



Did I mention Security?


Umbraco just hit 400,000 active installs and celebrated with a brand new release - Umbraco 7.6! It’s an intuitive CMS, based on the Microsoft .NET platform, with limitless functionality which can extend to fit your needs. This means umbraco can support any size website build with specific and dynamic content requirements as well giving huge design freedom.




More than just a Web Content Management System

Developer friendly

Limitless functionality



Requires Developer Input


You’re probably wondering which one is the Ferrari and which one is the Tractor, right?


Well in my opinion Wordpress = Ferrari, it’s a nifty little thing that’s easy to spin up a brochure site or fancy blog, and quick. Umbraco = Tractor, it takes a little longer, but boy can you do a lot with it!


Author: Freya Ells


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