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How to Blog for Non-Bloggers!

11 Nov 16

Blogging... for some, writing a creative and informative blog that appeals to a large audience is easy, enjoyable even! However, for the rest of us (myself included), it’s a difficult task that can easily become a daunting nightmare.


If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you feel the same way I do. Despite my methods of procrastination, I gave in to the pressure from the Marketing Team and wrote a blog post. Here’s my guide on how to write a blog, even if you’re not a blogger!


Through writing, re-writing and deleting many a blog before this one, I’ve discovered that there are four essential elements to writing an amazing blog post. If you create something that's different, personal, engaging and informative, you’ll end up with an article even the best blogger would be envious of.




First things first, pick a topic. Choosing something different is easier said than done, right? You'd be safe to assume that, whatever subject you choose, there's already 10 other blogs out there. Don't get disheartened, though! There's only one you, so let's talk about how you can make yours different.

- Play devil's advocate and voice a controversial opinion. Talk about how rubbish iPhone’s are and how restrictive iOS 10, you'll be rushed with traffic from Apple lovers and Android-ites alike.

- You don't have to be an expert to give your opinion. I'm guessing you googled "how to write a blog" before landing on my post. I'm no expert, but I am an expert in not being an expert at writing blogs.



Now, you have your topic, it's time to tell your story. Talk about your experiences; how your job affects your life; why you made certain decisions or what you do to stand out in a business. Don't forget to write like a human, no one wants a list of facts and figures reeled off at them. Add a joke or two and talk to your readers as if they're your friends. Adding that personal touch will make your blog more engaging and up the chance of the reader clicking the next post button ;).



It's tempting to put all the best bits in the excerpt then go into robot mode. To keep your reader from clicking the back button it needs to be engaging throughout.

- Ask questions, make it a conversation. Ok so your reader can't talk back as such, but they can leave comments.

- Mix up your sentences and paragraphs. A really simple technique to keep your reader alert is switching up complex sentences with short ones. It works.

- Add in images, gifs, quotes... whatever to break up the text. There's nothing worse than clicking on a blog and being faced with an essay.


Statistically, the most commonly read blogs are informative or educational. The blog doesn’t necessarily need to teach something academically useful or practical as long as it provides a perspective or opinion that the reader doesn’t share or hasn’t experienced before it'll grab their attention. “How to” blogs are amongst the most popular blogs on the internet and they can be very simple to write (trust me).

Here endeth the lesson. Whether you're writing to promote your brand, really into a hobby or just getting the marketing team off your back, I hope this has helped you.

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By Ollie Philpott 


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