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Digital Marketing to Development?

02 Dec 16

Setting up web pages is a molehill for a developer. If you're not quite so code savvy though, it can be one hell of a mountain to climb. So you can imagine my face when I was tasked with creating a new blog on! But you’re here reading this blog and with a little help from my developer friends, I’ve lived to tell the tale.

Once I got over the initial shock, I went into creative mode. Planning out what I wanted the blog to look like, the elements it needed to have, the content we’d create. Then I put mouse to CMS (Content Management System) and had the stark realisation that I had no idea how to bring my ideas to life.


After a tech translated explanation from one of our .NET developers I was ready to put my plans into action. Using Umbraco meant adding content to the site via the easy to use interface was quick and painless. Building the elements, however, had me at the end of my tether and ready to run away - then our Senior Developer swooped in to help, and it became a piece of cake. After a thorough tutorial on CSS, I was almost at the finish line.


Images were uploaded, links were live and author’s were visible, we were ready. I published the blog for one last test... then I accidentally clicked unpublish… for the whole site. Whoops. After frantically trying to fix it myself unsuccessfully, I had to come clean! It was time to call in the developers, again. Once they’d finished laughing, the site was up a minute later.

I still haven’t lived down ‘breaking’ the website, whenever I ask the developers anything, I’m reminded about the incident. It was totally worth it though, the blog is up, running and proving to be a great success. Whether you’re building a blog or entire site, I highly recommend getting a hand from the experts!


By Kira Bull


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