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Being Bold For Change

08 Mar 17


The theme of this years International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange. At Cold Banana Studio we’re huge supporters of women, especially in #STEM, but not everyone has access to equality in the workplace, so we wanted to share the women who’ve inspired us with their boldness and courage.

Freya Ells

Rosa Parks

The woman whose boldness inspires me to change is Rosa Parks. Her actions had a profound impact on Black History, the civil rights movement and for me personally. Rosa’s boldness taught me to be unmoving when it comes to what you believe in. Whether it’s taking a stand against inequality or speaking up when I have an idea, if my resolve is wavering, I think of Rosa, standing (or sitting in this case) for what’s right and instantly feel empowered!




Kira Bull

J.K Rowling

The woman who inspires me is J.K.Rowling. She's a fantastic author and a great role model. Rowling started writing when she had nothing, she was a single mother and battling depression. She never gave up chasing her dreams even though the odds were stacked up against her and I believe that alone makes her a great role model. Except that isn’t everything, she’s an advocate of self-belief, a feminist and inspired a whole generation to read. Which is why she inspires me to never give up chasing my dreams!


Ollie Philpott

Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a very inspiring person, even before her time in the spotlight. Her actions in life had a massive impact on the nation and humanitarian campaigns globally and these actions continue to have an impact today. Princess Diana is truly a national treasure like none other; an inspirational role model and an amazing woman.

Tom Searle

Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova was a Russian Cosmonaut and in 1963 became the first ever woman to go to space. Valentina displayed great courage and bravery, risking her life for the advancement of science. She spent three days alone in space orbiting the earth 48 times in a flawed craft, but despite this she was the first to volunteer for a one-way trip to Mars! Her willingness to put herself forward and step into the unknown is why I think Valentina Tereshkova should be known as an inspiration for many, myself included.

Scott Lightening

Joan Clarke

Joan Clarke, the only female member of the team that cracked the infamous Enigma Code during World War 2, was plagued by sexism throughout her career. Despite gaining a double first at Cambridge Joan was prevented from receiving a full degree, purely due to her gender. Although highly regarded by colleagues as one of the top cryptanalyst and numismatist, she was paid substantially less than her male counterparts in her field. Joan’s hard work and tenacity in the face of inherent sexism is inspiration to us all that we should never let the status quo stop us from reaching our full potential.


Authors: The Cold Banana Team


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